Experience ClipCast

For teams using TeamSnap as their team communication platform, ClipCast’s integration with TeamSnap allows team members to easily share their ClipCast highlights directly on their team’s TeamSnap page.

  • Sport-specific tags to create highlights by type of play
  • TeamSnap sharing and integration
  • Sport-specific modes for teams
  • Clips are automatically organized by event and type of play
  • Share your live stream of clips to remote viewers
  • Create and share custom highlight reels


  • Capture your action with one or more ClipCast-enabled devices
  • Available for iOS, Android, and select action camera models
  • Devices can join and leave sessions dynamically
  • Automatic synchronization of all video content
  • Fixed venue installations with fully managed ClipCast IoT cameras
  • Any mix of devices can participate in a ClipCast session
  • Embedded watermarking for branding of content


  • Combine multiple angles of a moment into engaging and immersive multi-POV (mPOV) clips with the ClipCast in-app mPOV editor
    • Automated stitching of angles into a sequence
    • Automated composition of angles into 2x, 3x, and 4x side-by-side views
    • Trim unwanted footage
  • Export mPOV edits back to the ClipCast media library
  • Create mPOV edits locally to share on social media
  • Full-featured ClipCast web-editor:
    • Combine multiple clips and angles from any event into a custom highlight reel
    • Trim and arrange any clips from your ClipCast library
    • Highlight reels are created in the ClipCast cloud for easy sharing by URL


  • Annotate clips with an optional 140 character message for each tag
  • Tag from any mobile iOS or Android device using the ClipCast app
  • Tag from any web browser using the ClipCast web client (mobile and desktop)
  • Tagging view shows sport-specific tag options and most recent clips
  • Camera view allows capturing and tagging from a single device
  • ClipCast allows to tag live as things happen to capture the moment in anticipation or in hindsight:
    • Start a clip and choose to save or discard once you saw the action
    • Go back in time to get that great play just after it happened
    • Sport-specific tag meta-data helps curate and organize clips

OTT Distribution

  • All ClipCast content is managed in the cloud ready for OTT distribution
    • Publishing tools to create automated content channels based on e.g. clubs, activities, or locations
    • Any grouping of sessions can be used to auto-publish content
    • Content listings and playlists update in real-time for ongoing sessions
  • Manage your content library and discover new content based on team / club affiliations or location
  • Combined video play and playlist with clip statistics for sessions and shared playlists / highlight reels
    • Playlists update in real-time to follow a live stream of clips
    • Available as stand-alone web page or as embeddable player in other digital properties
  • All publishing tools are web-based and optimized for desktop and tablet use
  • ClipCast player is fully optimized for all formats including smart phone formats